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I created THE BETTERMENT EXPERIENCE because while I was apart of the "World's Strongest Navy", I felt weak, alone, depressed, and invisible. All of the annual and mandatory suicide prevention training, resiliency training, and mindfulness training provided little comfort. Mental Health came with complications and fears. My leadership was too busy and worried more about the "mission."
When I did reach out for help, I was told to "suck it up" by the very leaders that were supposed to be there for me. I lost hope and attempted suicide 3 times while serving my country. 

After I actually allowed myself to be VULNERABLE and told my story, I noticed that others felt comfortable telling me theirs. 
This taught me TWO of the most POWERFUL lessons that I still use to connect with service members, their families, veterans, and civilians world wide.

Vulnerability Encourages Vulnerability
We are connected more by what we assume are our weaknesses than we are by what we know to be our strengths.

Working as a Suicide Prevention Program Manager, Employee Assistance Program Manager, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Program Manager for the military, I have and still speak with so many service members that feel exactly as I did. 

Things haven't changed much at all.

Judging by the increased numbers of suicides in the military , it would appear as if things are getting worse.

Prevention, Resiliency, and Connectiveness are just words associated with mandatory annual trainings. Trainings that ensure all boxes are checked and that all asses are covered but, that's it. The sad thing is that our service members, their families, veterans, and civilians,
the ones that are suffering,
the ones that are hurting,
and the ones that really need help,
are  all well aware of this.

This is not just a military issue. The world has simply forgotten how to care for one another.

Our Collective "Give A Damn" is Broken.

This is exactly why THE BETTERMENT EXPERIENCE'S KEY NOTE, SCREAM, was created.

It reminds everyone of their moral and ethical duty to each other. It also reminds everyone that

Members Matter More Than ANY Mission.

The SCREAM experience promotes VULNERABILITY and serves as a clear reminder that


Why risk losing any more fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, or friends?

Book The SCREAM Experience TODAY.


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