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Suicide Survivor, veteran, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author, life coach.

Kirsten (Kirt) Davis is a native of Athens, Georgia. Adopted at a young age, Kirt dealt with anger and abandonment issues which ultimately led to his expulsion from high school.
After a brief stint in Job Corps, Kirt joined the United States Navy. During Kirt's first deployment, the tragic events of 9/11 changed the course of his military career. Kirt struggled with depression during his 8 year military career leading him to attempt suicide three times.
After leaving the Navy, Kirt was diagnosed with PTSD. Not allowing this to stop him, Kirt sought many different forms of therapy before deciding that the best way he could help himself was helping those that were just like him.
Kirt has served as the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program Manager, Suicide Prevention Program Manager, and Employee Assistance Program Manager for the Army before working for the Air force.


While serving in these positions, Kirt has also had to deal with a plethora of medical issues including cancer and 6, yes, you read it right, 6 heart attacks.

Kirt's sense of humor during the darkest of times is probably one of his most unique attributes and what sets him apart from other speakers. His gift of humor allows him to quickly break down barriers between him and his audience, promoting a sense of relatability and comfort. 

His fierce passion and drive for active duty military and veterans reinforces his ongoing efforts towards suicide prevention and mental health awareness. 

Kirt's life, military, and civilian experiences offer a unique, realistic, and relatable perspective that has helped, and continues to help so many overcome issues normally difficult to navigate. His message of "resilience through vulnerability" has sparked much needed change everywhere he has been and brings a refreshing approach to the motivational speaking arena.





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