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I am sure you have heard someone refer to their "inner child" before right?

Well, this concept isn't as farfetched as it may seem.

Your inner child holds all of your innocence, sense of wonder, passion, curiosity, and esteem. Your ability to play, explore, and imagine all rest within your inner child. These things nurture and replenish the delicate soul of your inner child.

For those that suffered any type of trauma, physical, sexual, mental, or verbal abuse, not only did it hurt you, it also severely damaged your inner child.

Wonder why things seem different? Don't feel the same joy that you once did? Not excited about certain things like you once were?

During this workshop your audience will understand how their relationship with their inner child is a lot more important than they may think. They will learn how to reconnect with their inner child and reclaim that sense of wonder that has alluded them for so long. 

Ready to pay some child support?

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