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One thing that I have come to realize is that
if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.
That being said, I am expanding The Betterment Experience so that more people can be reached, helped, saved, and uplifted.
There has been too much "red tape" when it comes to helping people and I have grown sick and tired of it all.
More needs to be done. More CAN be done. The old traditional ways of doing things are no longer working, it's time for a major change.
I am expanding The Betterment Experience beyond JUST motivational speaking.


I have often said that our collective "Give-A-Damn" is broken. The Betterment Bus will help mitigate this issue. State to state and city to city, The Betterment Bus will have just one purpose, reaching those 

that are hard to reach. Visiting high schools for inspiration, offering workshops for parents that are struggling with their children, working with underfunded communities to host events, providing make overs, clothing, supplies for those that don't have access. Have a loved one or a friend that is struggling emotionally? My followers will be able to send us suggestions of stops we should make to brighten up someones day and show them their value. Vulnerability Encourages Vulnerability, that being said, during transit, I will invite different classes of people to come onboard and share their stories. All will be lived streamed from the bus and shared with the world.

The Betterment Bus

I need YOUR help to make this dream a reality.
Please contribute to 
The Betterment Experience
and lets prevent suicide together. 
$1 Makes a huge difference.


Mega Motivational Speaking

I am going to recreate The Scream Experience into a FULL Experience. Utilizing technology, holograms, and so much more. This will be an Experience for young and old. Relatable to everyone that attends. Something that will be constantly critiqued to ensure major issues are addressed. 

Being a Veteran and working for the government helping active duty makes this a PRIORITY for me. The Betterment Experience will work with bases to offer different approaches and activities to combat suicide. I know first hand how the military lacks in this department and I will do everything I can to help.

22 veterans die by suicide each day. This is a problem. The Betterment Experience wants to mitigate this problem by providing "resort like" places for veterans to go and not only receive mental health care but, also learn life skills in a relaxing enviorment.

Veteran and Active Duty Support

Who Are We
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