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Trust issues, everyone has them right?
Your ex cheated on you and ran off with the local circus clown. Now, you don't know how you will ever trust another again
Sound familiar? Well, maybe not the whole circus clown part, but the rest seems like it has happened time and time again.
Because of this, you have put up the ever strong, all so powerful "wall".
This wall is meant to protect you from all hurt and harm aimed towards your fragile heart. It's meant to keep out all those with awful and malicious intent. "All you liars, cheaters, abusers, manipulators, and narcissist think again. You will never get past my impenetrable wall.
But, what does this wall REALLY mean? What does it stand for? How Does it hold you back? How do you knock it down? 
During this WORKSHOP, we will don our hard hats and examine the construction and destruction of this wall. Your audience will understand how past hurt is blocking them from present and future happiness. 

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